Kuemper's Committees

Academic Excellence Committee - School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC)
To promote continuous improvement and excellence in academics, including emphasizing critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and a supportive learning culture that will empower our students to achieve the highest of their abilities with our Mission and Vision.

Fr. Patrick Behm fr[email protected]
Steven Berger [email protected]
Tom Brincks [email protected]
Christie Crouch-Babb [email protected]
Ted Garringer  [email protected]

Bailee Konz         [email protected]
Kathi Milligan [email protected]
Stacey Nepple [email protected]
Ann Pottebaum [email protected]
Cassandra Schon [email protected]
John Steffes [email protected]
Allisa Tiefenthaler             [email protected]
Cate Mayhall  [email protected]

Building and Grounds
To analyze ongoing needs for major buildings and grounds repairs, renovations, and maintenance, as well as recommended future needs in the area of buildings and grounds, renovations, maintenance, and equipment to promote the mission of Kuemper Catholic School.

Mark Bauer [email protected]
Joe Behrens (Chair) [email protected]

Steven Berger [email protected]
Alex Drees                      [email protected]

Ted Garringer [email protected]
Matt Greteman [email protected]
Brad Nichols [email protected]
Denny Olerich [email protected]
Mike Sibbel   [email protected]
Ryan Steinkamp               [email protected]

John Steffes [email protected]
Steve Wiederin [email protected]
Nick Wittrock [email protected]

Catholic Identity
To guide Kuemper Catholic School in becoming an authentic Christ-centered system. This committee promotes Catholic Identity in every aspect of the school, including curriculum development, formation of staff and students, and empowering parents as the primary faith educators of their children.

Fr. Patrick Behm (Chair) fr[email protected]
Rose Behrens [email protected]
Erin Bohlmann [email protected] 
Judy Feld [email protected]
Jodi Ludwig [email protected]
Carrie Meyers [email protected]
Kathi Milligan [email protected]
Phil Phillips [email protected]
Ann Pugh [email protected]
Lisa Rial [email protected]
John Steffes [email protected]
Martha Stout [email protected]
Jeff Wicker [email protected]

To oversee the school's budgetary process by preparing an annual budget for consideration by the board of directors and monitoring income and expenses throughout the year. The committee will strive towards a sound balance of reasonable parish investments, affordable tuition for families, and providing just compensation and benefits for employees.

Kris Collison [email protected]
Kelly Foley [email protected]
Ted Garringer [email protected]
Kathi Milligan [email protected]
Cam Janson [email protected]
Bob Lally (Chair) [email protected]
Alan Loew                       [email protected]

Jair Mayhall [email protected]
Bob Muhlbauer [email protected]
Don Neary [email protected]
Fr. Kevin Richter [email protected]
Laura Schaefer                 [email protected]

Alex Schleisman [email protected]
John Steffes [email protected]
Christie Sundrup [email protected]

Marketing and Enrollment Management
To increase family enrollment by planning, implementing, and evaluating programs, promotions, and other communication efforts that market the school system and build positive public relations and a welcoming spirit. The committee also strives to increase cultural diversity to reflect both the communities we live in and the world in which we prepare our students.

Tasha Badding [email protected]
Katie Borkowski                [email protected]

Tom Brincks (Chair) [email protected]
Codee Madden [email protected]
Heather Pietig [email protected]
Amy Reincke [email protected]
Bailee Schleisman [email protected]
Jaime Schwanz                 [email protected]
Ryan Steinkamp               [email protected]

John Steffes [email protected]
Erin Sundrup [email protected]
Allisa Tiefenthaler             [email protected]

Trish Tigges  [email protected]
Becky Vonnahme              [email protected]

Leadership and Governance
To monitor the structure and make-up of the KCSS Board of Education, oversee regular policy manual reviews, ensure continuous communication between the Board and the parish(es) and community, and facilitate an environment that makes it easier to recruit and train quality Board members. 

Tom Brincks (Chair) [email protected]
Jeff Fitzsimmons [email protected]
Brad Nichols [email protected]
John Steffes  [email protected]
Laura Schaefer  [email protected]