Who We Are

John SteffesDear Kuemper Friends,

The revered tradition of Catholic education in the Carroll area has a bright future. Anchored by strong roots going back to 1874 in the little parish school of Mt. Carmel, our area parishes and citizens continue to invest in Catholic education through today’s vibrant preschool to high school system of over 1,150 students. What a blessing for today’s families to receive this gift for our children’s formative years. 
Today’s Kuemper students receive this gift of quality academics infused with gospel values. The sacramental lives of our students remain a foundation of a Kuemper education to produce faith-filled and enthusiastic disciples for tomorrow’s Church. Our young people need to be anchored in their faith now more than ever.
A state-accredited and formal curriculum enriches our students with a well-rounded education. Superior scores from standardized tests have always been a tradition at Kuemper yet an emphasis on challenging students towards the “5 C’s” emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and of course Christ - to be virtuous and active leaders for our Church and communities. We remain committed to a quality curriculum and strong technology support while maintaining a well-known and highly successful extra-curricular program of fine arts and activities (go Knights!).
The Kuemper Foundation continues to build school marketing, alumni relations and long-term fundraising of capital improvement projects while growing the endowment. Over half of Kuemper students today receive some financial aid to keep the choice of Catholic education a viable option for all. Many supporters and alumni from today’s Kuemper family are making sure that the gift of Catholic education will be bestowed to the next generation thereby energizing our parish life and Church.
The strong Catholic culture of this area – with its humble beginnings in Mt. Carmel – is well-known with the Kuemper Catholic School System always being a key cornerstone. Your prayers and support will keep the ministry of Catholic education strong and advancing into the future. Helping our young people get to heaven continues to be the core of this school’s mission.
 Thank you for being a part of our Kuemper Family!

John Steffes ‘82