The Knight Shop

The Knight Shop
Knight ShopFootball Fan Gear
Order Here.  Deadline midnight on Friday, August 7th. 

Cross Country Fan Gear
Order Here. Deadline midnight on Sunday, August 16th. 

Uniform Sweatshirts & Sweaters
Order Here.  Deadline midnight on Wednesday, August 12th!  Order now! There will only be 2 other opportunities to order throughout the school year. Samples of the uniform SWEATER will be available in the high school main office for students to try on for size.  

Knights Untucked: A Kuemper Booster Club Store
The Kuemper Booster Club has partnered with Just Around the Corner Consignments to house the Kuemper Booster Club store. Just Around the Corner is reserving a spot in their brick and mortar building (located in downtown Carroll, behind the movie theater) for brand new Kuemper apparel. This will be your new go-to place for Kuemper t-shirts, hoodies, and more! And you guessed it, each purchase goes back to support Kuemper's Booster Club. It's a win-win! NOW OPEN!