New Logos and Branding Standards

New Logos & Branding Standards
New Kuemper Shield

Did you say new logos?! How awesome are they?!

Below is a copy of press release that was sent to media and retailers on May 16, 2019. 

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Kuemper Catholic School is announcing the launch of new branding standards. Along with the implementation of these standards comes the implementation of some slightly modified logos as well as some new, never-before-seen logos.

The new and modified logos, as well as the Branding Standards Guide document, is a result of an effort to make the visual brand of the school more consistent and professional. The effort was guided by the school’s marketing director and an ad hoc Branding Committee, a subcommittee of the school board’s Marketing & Enrollment Management Committee. The committee’s primary focus was to bring consistent use of the school’s logos and red and gold colors. The committee also focused on establishing a set of standards that the school’s clubs and athletic teams would adhere to for the design of their uniforms and apparel. These standards will also be used by all retailers of Kuemper apparel.

Susie Hulst, Director of Marketing, says, “There were so many Kuemper logos floating around that the visual identity of Kuemper was becoming lost. There were several different “knight” logos, two “shield” logos of different colors, and several different “K” logos. Also, through the recent years, the use of a certain cross came to unofficially be known by our students and staff as “the Kuemper cross.” The Branding Committee has now weeded out some of these logos, added some new ones, and labeled them all as official. The committee also addressed what exact red and gold is the official red and gold of Kuemper. When community members, parents, students, alumni, donors, and anyone around the state see anything Kuemper, we want it to be easily and instantly recognizable and make a positive connection to the school.”

The main shield logo of Kuemper remains almost the same, except for the modification of the cross atop of the shield. This cross is seen in many of the other logos providing a consistent theme among the logos. 
The Branding Standards Guide also addresses the look and feel of print and online media with the purpose of providing consistency across all avenues of communication.

The discontinued use of the former logos will be phased out gradually. This means that not all signage and apparel will change overnight. Students are still allowed to wear their uniform sweatshirts featuring the former shield for as long as they wish. Signage around the school, letterhead, brochures, and other media will phase out gradually as well. Hulst clarifies, “Starting today, anything newly created will feature the new logos and standards. Anything with the old logo and standards will be replaced in the future as needed, whether that’s one month from now or years from now.”

All media and retailers are asked to start using the new logos and standards immediately.

Kuemper gives a special thanks to the Branding Committee for their hard work, especially Bill Schenkelberg and Sam Wernimont, for their knowledge and expertise on the subject.

There is a virtual store through the Graphic Edge open from today until May 30 in which all public can order Kuemper apparel featuring the new logos. Visit to view or order the apparel. This apparel is not for school uniforms. There will also be several other opportunities to order new apparel throughout the year, including an opportunity in August. Future orders will feature the uniform sweatshirts with the new shield, although the former shield will still be acceptable.

Cross with K


Knight Helmet

Full Body Knight

Lettermens K

Vintage Knight