Meet the 2020 Friends of Kuemper Ball Chairs

Meet the 2020 Friends of Kuemper Ball Chair Couples
Ball Chair Couples

Follow the activities of the Kuemper Ball by going to our Kuemper Ball webpage. Tom (‘82) and Paula Kasperbauer are members of St. John Paul II Parish.  They have one son, Xander who is a sophomore at Kuemper.  Tom and Paula agreed to be Ball chairs because they felt it was the right time for them to step up and take part in such a worthwhile cause.  Tom and Paula feel very blessed to be able to provide their son with a Catholic education at the same school his dad graduated from. They are grateful that Kuemper provides the students with outstanding academics and allows them to grow in their faith at the same time.

Jeremy and Tina Schechinger, MD are members of St. John Paul II Parish.  They have four children: Annabella who is a junior at Carroll High School and Liliana a 6th grader, Raymond a 4th grader and Callen a 2nd grader, all at Kuemper Catholic School.  Jeremy and Tina are honored to serve as one of the 2020 chair couples for the Kuemper Ball.  Having been part of the 2018 Kuemper Ball team they feel they can bring a unique perspective to the 2020 Ball team.  Jeremy and Tina also believe that the Kuemper Ball does a great job of supporting the mission of Kuemper Catholic School.  

Bill and Laurie Schenkelberg are members of St. John Paul II Parish.  They have two children; Courtney (‘19) is a Freshman at the University of Iowa and Will is a sophomore at Kuemper.   Bill and Laurie feel that having access to quality Catholic education in rural Iowa is truly a blessing. It does, however, take support from the community to make it possible.  The Kuemper Ball continues to be that amazing event that pulls the Kuemper Family together in support of Catholic education. Bill and Laurie are humbled to be part of such a great tradition.

Kyle (‘97) and Onica (‘96) Ulveling are members of St. John Paul II Parish.  They have two sons who attend Kuemper Catholic School; Jack is an 8th grader and James is a 6th grader.  Kyle and Onica both graduated from Kuemper and can personally attest to the importance of a strong educational foundation.  Kuemper provides a quality education while providing a community where students can become stronger in their faith. Kyle and Onica agreed to be Kuemper Ball Chairs as they feel it is an opportunity to serve within the Kuemper Catholic community and they are honored to be able to be co-chairs and experience the journey with good friends.