Kuemper Foundation

Established in 1985, the Kuemper Catholic School Foundation was originated to support Catholic education (pre-kindergarten through high school) in the Carroll area. The Foundation accepts gifts of cash, real estate, farms, stocks, commodities, grain, and planned gifts such as bequests, trusts, annuities, retirement assets, life insurance, and other assets. Foundation investments are professionally managed.

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 Catholic education has been a cornerstone of the Carroll area since the late 1800s. Under the guidance of the Kuemper Foundation Board of Directors, the Foundation is dedicated to continuing this proud tradition of education.

For more information, contact Sharon Olerich, Development Director, at srolerich@kuemper.org.

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Foundation Board Members

Dave Bruner, chairman
Rev. Kevin Richter
Jeff Greteman
Karen Klocke
Bob Muhlbauer
Curt Schweers
Jon Tiefenthaler
Peg Weitl

Ex officio members:
Bishop Walker Nickless, Diocese of Sioux City
John Steffes, Kuemper President
Cam Janson, Kuemper School Board Chairman

Foundation Members