Family Testimonials

Wilkie Testimonial
Kylie Wilkie is "extremely grateful" she enrolled her children Karsyn (3rd grade) and Hendrick (1st grade) at Kuemper this year.

Why did you choose to enroll your children at Kuemper?
I chose to enroll my kids at Kuemper because of all of the incredible stories I was hearing from other Kuemper parents.

What is something, if anything, that has exceeded your expectations at Kuemper?
The communication from my kid’s teachers has been awesome! My kids were super nervous to start at a new school so it was really reassuring for me as well to hear from their teachers that they were adjusting well. I was also very impressed with how welcoming the staff at Kuemper was. Everyone I spoke with was so kind and did everything they could to ensure the transition to a new school was easy.

Can you give an example of something that your children really enjoy at Kuemper?
My daughter has really enjoyed learning more about religion – she comes home almost daily and tells me something new she has learned. My son always tells me that lunch is his favorite part of the day haha. Both kids really enjoy all of their classes and have enjoyed meeting new friends!

How do you feel Kuemper has handled the safety and risk mitigation of the spread of coronavirus?
I think Kuemper has done an awesome job handling all things coronavirus. My kids aren’t even phased by having to wear a mask, it’s just part of their uniform and they never complain! I, as a mother, have been very appreciative of the email updates regarding coronavirus cases in the school and those quarantined. I like that the school keeps us informed with what is going on.

What would you say to anyone contemplating switching their children to Kuemper?
Do it! I have been consistently impressed with Kuemper as a whole and I’m extremely grateful that we made the decision to enroll my kids here.

Did anyone refer you to Kuemper or have you referred anyone to Kuemper?
I was referred by a number of people! I was very hesitant for a couple of years because we aren’t Catholic and I wasn’t sure how I felt about my kids learning a different religion. But honestly, I’m just happy they are learning about faith in general! A few people kept at it though and kept telling me how great it would be for my kids. After simply touring the school, I knew I had made the right decision!

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