Kuemper Ball

The Friends of Kuemper Ball originated in 1985 when two Kuemper moms and fellow 1959 Kuemper grads, Bev (Pietig) Kanne and Betty (Schreck) Schwery, organized a fundraising event that culminated in a ball. The Ball is a celebration of the fundraising efforts, the Kuemper family and the community. Since its inception, the Ball has raised over $11 million dollars. Funds raised by the Ball are used for tuition assistance, technology improvements, teacher salary enhancements, curriculum development, as well as the upkeep and repair of buildings.

This year's Kuemper Ball will be held on May 1, 2021. Tickets to the Ball are $45 single and $90 for a couple. Please use the form below to order your tickets to the Ball and/or make a donation to the Ball.

Please use the kuemper.org/raffle page to purchase raffle tickets.

Thank you for your loyal support of Kuemper's mission.