$50 Gift Card Take a Tour Promotion

From now until Christmas break, all families that take a tour of Kuemper will receive a $50 gift card to anywhere they choose. 

This promotion is also valid for student shadow days! 

There are no strings attached.  Take the tour, get the $50 gift card. Simple as that.

This offer is for families that do not already have children enrolled at Kuemper.

Families with children of any age can tour.  It's never too early to start contemplating where your children will attend school. 

With preschool registration opening within the next several months, this is a great opportunity to help make the decision where your child will start their educational journey!

Contact Susie Hulst to schedule your tour or for more information!
712-792-3313 or smhulst@kuemper.org!

Take a tour!