Tuition Rates

2018/2019 Tuition Rates

   Students belonging to parish within the Sioux City Diocese  Students not belonging to a Catholic parish within the diocese
Optional Kindergarten    $1,500 $1,950
Kindergarten  $2,455 $3,192
 1st Grade $2,455 $3,192
 2nd Grade $2,455 $3,192
3rd Grade $2,455 $3,192
4th Grade
$2,455 $3,192
5th Grade
$2,455 $3,192
6th Grade $2,770 $3,601
7th Grade $2,810 $3,653
8th Grade $2,820 $3,666
9th Grade $3,615 $4,700
10th Grade $3,770 $4,901
11th Grade $3,895 $5,064
12th Grade $4,045 $5,259

High School Course Fees
Kuemper includes all course fees into the student's tuition, making billing less confusing and easier for families. College credit classes and AP fees will continue to be charged to students who take these particular courses.

Students Not Belonging to a Parish Within the Sioux City Diocese
Kuemper welcomes all students who are not a registered member of a Catholic parish within the Sioux City Diocese. This includes students of other faiths. These students pay 30% more than students belonging to a parish within the Sioux City Diocese.

Tuition and fees are prorated for students who transfer into Kuemper during the school year. If a student must leave Kuemper due to a family job transfer, unused prorated tuition will be refunded. For any other reason, tuition will be required for the current full semester.

Tuition Assistance
The Catholic parishes in the Carroll area and many donors make generous contributions to Kuemper in order to keep tuition as low as possible. Kuemper is confident that it's strong tuition assistance program can make your tuition investment manageable and will do everything possible to enable you to choose a Catholic education for your children.

Parish Investments Help Tuition!
Did you know that Kuemper's corporate parishes significantly invest in and help offset Kuemper's per pupil cost keeping tuition lower and more affordable? Thank you to our parishes!

Message From the Enrollment Management Director
Whether you're ready to enroll or just want to ask about tuition assistance, I can help. I can answer any questions, gather information, set up a tour, and also guide you through the entire registration process. I am here to make your transition to Kuemper as smooth as possible. If you are interested in exploring Kuemper Catholic School, please do not hesitate to call or email.

Susie Hulst
Marketing & Enrollment Management Director