Referral & New Family Discount

New Family Tuition Credit
The New Family Tuition Credit gives incentive for families to enroll at Kuemper. Their incentive is one-time offer of $500 off their family’s total tuition bill.

Who is eligible?
Any family that is transferring their student from a different school system. Their student must have been previously enrolled in a different school system.
Preschoolers are not eligible.
Kindergarteners are only eligible if they have previously attended kindergarten during the current school year or previous school year in a different school system.

How long do the students have to be enrolled?
The new student must complete 90 school days before the family receives their tuition credit. 

New Family Referral
The referral program gives Kuemper families, employees, and any interested individuals incentive to recruit new families to the school. The reward for referring a new families is a $500 tuition discount.

Who is eligible?
Families with any children enrolled in preschool-12th grade at Kuemper.
All Kuemper employees (excluding marketing staff).
Employee and individuals with no children enrolled at Kuemper may designate their tuition discount to any KCSS student/family of their choice.

How long does the new student have to be enrolled?
The new student must complete 90 school days at Kuemper before the referring employee, family, or individual receives their $500 tuition discount.

Is there a limit?
There is no limit to how many new families can be recruited. A $500 tuition discount per new family ($500 for one family, $1000 for two families, $1500 for three families, etc.) will be awarded.

How will Kuemper know who referred the new family?
During the registration process, the new family will officially designate who referred them to enroll at Kuemper.

What if a new family enrolls at Kuemepr and no one referred them?
The current employee or referring family must notify the Marketing Director as soon as it is known that a family is interested in having their children attend Kuemper, but no later than the time the family registers. If the referral is not done prior to the new student registering, there is no referral discount.

What if the current family tuition bill is less than the amount of the discount?
Families that have a tuition bill less than their referral discount will still be credited their full discount; however, the credit will rollover to subsequent years.
If the family’s youngest student is a senior, they will receive their honored discount until their tuition bill reaches a zero balance.

*Special circumstances may occur. Kuemper Catholic School retains the right to reevaluate, revise or cancel this program at any time. For more information, contact Susie Hulst in the Marketing & Enrollment Management office. 712-792-3313,