Facilities Rental

Kuemper prides itself on the upkeep and great care of it's buildings. Our students are very active and most days our facilities are full of students practicing, rehearsing, praying, playing, and being involved with countless things.  

If you would like to rent any of the Kuemper Facilities, you must first register with the facilities scheduler. 
*Please note that we do not allow youth sports teams to rent the Kuemper Field House.
*No Sunday rental are allowed unless pre-approved by the Kuemper Administration
*No rentals allowed on Wednesdays after 6:30PM.

Refer to this Facilities Calendar for availability.

Follow these steps to register and request use and rentals.

Step 1: Become a requester:
 https://fs-kuemper.rschooltoday.com/authentication/credential/login or log into existing account.
Step 2: Fill out requester registration form. There is a video tutorial to assist in registering.
Step 3: Save and continue to request screen
Step 4: Fill out name of activity and click save and continue.
Step 5: Click date(s) and time(s) desired
Step 6: Click location and select facility and click view
Step 7: If the select box is unavailable then the facility is already booked - if select box is available then click select and then click book.
Step 8: Click Submit and exit or if you want more times - click submit and add another
Step 9: Wait for email notification of approval/denial of your request. To check status of your request log into your account and click history tab.