Football Frenzy: Find out who the weekly winners are!

See the Weekly Winners Here!
football frenzyA Football Frenzy ticket is a 17-week, continuous raffle ticket sold for $20 that coincides with the NFL season. Each raffle ticket contains a computer-generated random three-team combo for each week that dictates your score for that particular week. Those scores are added together to determine the winners. Cash prizes from $500-$50 will be given away weekly!

Week 13
1st Place - $500 - Points 120
- Marge Stickrod
2nd Place - $150 - Points 117
- Michael Barta
3rd & 4th Place – (2 way tie) $ 87.50 - Points 113
- Don Buswell
- Michael Marshall
5th Place – (2 way tie) $50 - Points 112
- Ellen Hoffman
- Jake Martinson
Lowest Team Total - $50 - Points 22
- Alan Vaughn

Tickets can still be purchased at any Kuemper office, by contacting a Booster Club member, or by paying online. To purchase online, visit the "Booster Club" webpage under the "Activities" tab. Please note, if using a credit/debit card to purchase, a charge from SmartTuition ("Smart LLC") will appear on your credit card or bank statement.