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Whether you're ready to enroll or just want to ask about tuition assistance, I can help. I can answer any questions, gather information, set up a tour, and also guide you through the entire registration process. I am here to make your transition to Kuemper as smooth as possible. If you are interested in exploring Kuemper Catholic School, please do not hesitate to call or email.

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Susie Hulst '05

Inquiring Family Brochure

Why you should choose Kuemper!

We can work with you to make your investment affordable!
Over half of our students receive tuition assistance. We also have many payment plan options and are willing to work with you on coming up with a payment plan. We will do everything possible to enable families to choose a Catholic education.

We provide a Christ-centered environment.
Kuemper strives to incorporate the gospel values in all that is done. Students also learn about their Catholic faith during class and are encouraged to think about issues through a faith-lens. Developing a student’s faith comes before academics.

We want you to be part of the Kuemper Family.
When students, parents and community members are around “Kuemper people” they feel accepted, welcomed, and part of the school community both inside the building and everywhere else.

Students of all denominations are welcome!
Even though we are a Catholic school and teach the catechism of the Catholic faith, all students are welcome and learn right along with everyone else. Approximately 5% of Kuemper’s student body is non-Catholic.

Students are brought up with a spirit of service.
Many service opportunities arise and are an important part of the curriculum. This causes the student to think outside his or herself and to serve the people around them as Jesus did.

Our academics are top-notch.
Kuemper students experience a rigorous curriculum. Our test scores (consistently above state and national averages on ACT and Iowa Assessments), graduation rate (100%), graduates’ post-secondary education stats (95% pursue higher education), and successful alumni anecdotes prove that our students are prepared for college and beyond.

Our enrichment opportunities are great.
From field trips and guest speakers, to clubs and sports, students preschool through 12th grade are learning much more than what a textbook can offer. There are many opportunities for students to discover what they are good at and build friendships. Kuemper has been awarded the Bank Iowa Travel Cup for our success in academics, fine arts, and sports 6 times in the last 8 years. Special program such as the Marilyn Setzler Fine Arts Fund add extra enrichment opportunities as well. This shows that we develop the whole student and challenge their abilities in all areas.

Up-to-date technology is important to our school.
We have facilities conducive to 21st century learning. Students integrate STREAM (science, technology, religion, art, math) activities into their classroom daily in addition to the traditional textbook, paper, and pencil.

We have a staunch tuition assistance program and flexibility in our budget because of our loyal donors.
Our donor base is broad because we have so many people that believe in our school. We truly appreciate them.